Cultural Events

   In our country each year on February 1st, residents celebrated with great pomp to the memory of Saint Trifon, the patron saint of winegrowers, following all the traditional customs that brought their ancestors from Eastern Rumelia.
Other major celebrations are that of St. George, patron saint of our village, which is the procession of the image throughout the region, and that day at a traditional feast in the pine square near the church.

     If summer will visit us, you will attend the feast of the Holy Ghost which celebrates the homonymous chapel which is situated among vines. At the end of Divine Liturgy, Ouzo and delicious traditional dishes are offered.
    In August and for three weeks starting the operation of the Wine Festival and hundreds of people from all over Macedonia and the rest of Greece are coming. You have fun with the program of cultural events designed to test a large wine varies from wine region to learn about the history of Anchialos over time and its relationship with the vine and wine!

     Since 2005 we cooperate with municipal authorities and cultural institutions of our country for the celebration of all festivals, showing by this way the culture and the revival of traditional customs of the village. Govern all cultural events by participating actively in all of our wines varies.
     We wish to raise awareness among residents and visitors to wine events, let us know and trust us!
     We want to remind you, the strong ties of Anchialos with vineyards and wine during hundreds of centuries, but also to show that we are worthy successors in a leading role in this historic process!