Winery Family

      This small village Anchialos, 14 km from Thessaloniki, was created in 1924 by Greek refugees from Eastern Rumelia, which growers being at home, Anchialos in the Black Sea coast, they brought with them wooden barrels and vine branches to begin their new life. Since then, their main occupation is the viticulture and winemaking.

      From such a winemaking family descends Zararis George, who has learned little from the work in the vineyard, growing up with stories of grandparents filled with nostalgia for the "lost homeland", the oldest learned the "secrets" that hid the enormous wooden barrels, where it matured the precious gift of life, the wine!
     As a precious heritage goes back to his grandfather's 15 acres and in 1993, extended the family business, cultivate the proposed varying Roditi and Grenache rouge. Making wine the same love and care, traditional, as already know very well supplied with fine wines, bottled and bag in the local market of Thessaloniki.
     Moreover, he creates his own family with Dimitra Theocharopoulou, educator, and gain three sons. Join a personal affection for the region and the inextricable link between the cultivation of vines and wine production and strive for further wine development.
     They aim to create all quality requirements for producing high quality products but also help to spread the culture of wine, which is completely the personality and philosophy of Greek and European!

   Thus, by 2005, George Zararis, with great effort and enthusiasm was able to cultivate 58 acres of vineyards owned and cooperate with others are producers, increasing production and sales.
      In 2008, taking a life decision, streamlines the winery facility with modern equipment and facilities having as objective the creation of high quality wines, combining tradition and expertise. "I do not forget yesterday! Also learned through this, but to move forward, we need the technology! ...he says
     In 2010, presents a limited number of bottles of wine «KRATAIOS» inspired by the dynamic presence of the wine over time and resistance to wear. «Wine is a companion of man, came over the centuries unchanged, quietly but firmly and with strength, offering" ... every feeling exhilarated and benefit to soul and body!”  Touch our souls, is the inspiration of a philosophy to face life with the joys and sorrows, optimistic, positive thinking !»

Future Goals

     Among the immediate goals is to plant a new vineyard area of 10 hectares vineyard in the Garden, where 4000 seedlings implanted in the red variety, Cabernet Sauvignon. The irrigation potential in the region and the capacity of soil to retain moisture, we believe that diversity will help to give the best results in terms of quality.
With this quite popular variety we want to produce a new wine with deep color, full body, good structure, a wine that can be comfortably aging.

     The smooth and steady progress in the winery market of Thessaloniki, but also our expansion throughout the North Greece with growth rates, allows us to begin building an extension to the small winery, but also to organize the construction of underground maturation cellar and aging in oak casks or in bottles.

«We believe that our business will help the revival of the famous wine character of the area and will help further develop the local community ...»

     The presentation of our winemaking effort has already completed, at the Internet, providing an opportunity for wine lovers to communicate with the public in electronic form. There, wanted to raise awareness, we do a little research on the history of the vine, the position of wine in the lives of ancient people, in particular era and the later Byzantine. Finally, we present results from scientific research on the beneficial effects of the human body. We demonstrate further, the historical elements of our country to highlight the great wine past.