Wine Festival

The last week in August and for three weeks the operation of the Wine Festival is starting, which is visited annually by hundreds of people from all over Macedonia, but also the rest of Greece. You have fun with the program of cultural events designed to test a large wine varies from wine region to learn about the history of Anchialos over time and its relationship with the vine and wine!


The first Anchialos Wine Festival, inaugurated in 1955 by the then President of the Community Apostle Capri. By organizing and making such an effort, people express clearly the wine character. They want to show that the harvest may be the most busy period for the harvesters, but surrounded by joy, fun, fun! It's a celebration, a celebration that involved a man wanting to thank nature for what it offers.
The great success and gained fame led to the establishment of the festival annually since 1958. The growers have the opportunity to promote fine wine, to make known all over Greece. This was because, as is known in the same month in September, works every time and the Thessaloniki International Fair. Thus, thousands of visitors who visit Thessaloniki and Anchialos come to celebrate the famous Wine Festival. 

Today, the institution of the Wine Festival continues at the same beautiful scenery, surrounded by pine and cypress trees in an area of 4000 m in the center of the village. Organized by the Municipality, in cooperation with local authorities and private initiative of residents each year as having to upgrade the cultural events and infrastructure improvements.


Our vision is that culture which characterizes our country for nearly 50 years, become an attraction of what winemakers want to display their products, thus claiming their qualitative identification. Then Anchialos Wine Festival is renowned nationwide and gives visitors the opportunity through quality wine, local cuisine and music, to discover the culture and the real face of modern culture Anchialos.