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Zararis vineyards

The vineyards owned by George Zarari, spread the plain, west of the prefecture of Thessaloniki, across the Gulf of Thessaloniki and between two rivers, Gallikos and Axios River. Southwest skyline rise the mountains of Olympus, while the Northwest at 40 km dominate the outskirts of the Pike. This creates currents aeron, most feature the Vardar, creating ideal conditions for viticulture.

The typical Mediterranean climate which characterizes the region, with clear continental influence, ideal for viticulture, rich ammoargilodi to clay and well drained soils, but the personal touch with the appropriate management of the vineyards are the main factors that give us the capable of producing high quality wines. ...More

From past to ...nowdays!

A family Wine

This small village Anchialos was created in 1924 by refugees from Eastern Rumelia, which growers being at home, Anchialos in the Black Sea coast, they brought with them wooden barrels and vine branches to begin their new life. Since then his main occupation in the viticulture and winemaking...More

Our philosophy

His philosophy, that also opens the way full of emotions grower-winemaker, is ...respect and care from the soil of the vineyard until the time the wine will be bottled, would be released and will arrive to the customer! It should be respectful of the product from the source yet to be able to offer the customer the value of a wine quality. RESPECT AND CARE!