The cultivation technique that applied to our vineyards


It is known that for producing quality wines, the climate and soil of the region, play a crucial role. There is also the human factor, which complements the perfect combination, so that a vineyard can give more good results. With the diverse cultural practices so that we have a vine, directly or indirectly to the vineyard to help smooth adaptation of the specific characteristics and climatic
soil to have the desired effect and best in quality and quantity of raw material to be produced. He said that:

«Our grandparents said characteristic that the vineyard wants to see you every day! In fact how right they were... We are in the vineyard every day and watch it in all seasons! In the autumn smell of wet from rain... The winter, we let the vine to "rest", in the spring we see the "eyes", opening up and the first shoots to pop out! In the summer cooled ourselves off with the coolness of the Vardar... the vine wants you constantly beside it, but rich you rewards when you can produce a high quality wine! !»


Winter:this time the vines pruned. It is a difficult technique, requiring a trained viticulture with enough experience to ensure efficiency and quality of vines. Pruning aims either format or the fruition of vine. According with our personal criteria and having always aims at the quality of raw material, we apply a qualitative picking, which shoots are removed and those left will be the new fruiting bodies. The industry must be completed before "waking up" the vines from the hibernation.



Spring: the season that starts the germination activity. The buds tumefacted and start to develop the first shoots, the leaves first, and begin to distinguish the inflorescences. The ground is prepared by plowing and fertilization. Then, about two and start important for vineyard techniques, the sucker and the topping can be repeated to achieve the best conditions for the normal development of shoots, fruit set and better nutrition of grapes. Watching closely the evolution of germination and growth, of course, depending on climatic conditions
we apply the techniques of defoliation or even diluting, always aiming to improve the quality of production, often sacrificing a high yield.


Summer: All the vineyards are in the final stage of development, we are one step before harvest. It is important at this time, to ensure the protection of health of the vines, preventing or treating early and effectively any disease. The maturity of each variety is different in each vineyard and monitoring should be done every time. Once the process of maturation and when we consider that the end product has reached more desirable characteristics
as color and size, depending of course the type of wine we can produce, we decide the time of harvest.

«This culminates a period of stress, everything has to work with incredible timing, no delays, no mistakes, otherwise they can destroy the work of an entire year. Besides, the old desire to show the seriousness of this period called "Summer, vintage, war."
That is what is happening every year at this time!»


Fall: Having completed the harvest, prepare their vineyards with great care for the crop next year. Be eliminated dried shoots, and it is necessary to renew the soil by plowing and fertilization. Faced with over the winter are now ready to relax, like we do