New Aghialos

    In 1907, the Greek Government established the "Thessalian Agricultural Fund to restore the refugees who settled in Thessaly (N. 'Anchialos N. Euxinoupolis N. Plovdiv). Many refugees returned later in Eastern Rumelia, which had left huge fortunes. Again, however, left their homes, most definitely, in the years 1923-1928, after the Treaty of Neuilly.

    The second stream Anchialiton refugees who came to Greece after 1919, settled in the neighborhood "New Anchialos in Thessaloniki or " Inglis " as it was because the farm belonged to an English landowners who had killed the Turks. The area to the Balkan wars has been owned by a Muslim landowner, of the Hadji Bey and had about 90 makedonofonous Exarchist residents, then the settlement was deserted. So this was the place that accepted the displaced, refugees Anchialites, you will begin their new life, here they built a new home with the name of unredeemed their homeland, they would build here in New Anchialos...


Characteristic is the relevant decree:

Rename: "The settlement of the community Karavia Inglis (ex Bougariovou) renamed to Aghialos Macedonia (Thessaloniki Ypodioikisis), 08/20/1927 Decree (Official Gazette 179/30.8.1927) [Chouliarakis 1975, 289].

    After setting up the new home, the Anchialites faced many problems. We had to organize their lives and the new settlement. By 1928, planted 7500 acres in vineyard clergy who were given the varieties they knew from their homeland. The population is increasing and gradually gather Greek and other populations, and thus built the first church to St. Trifon, the patron saint of winegrowers. Despite the major problems and difficulties, the settlement developed, built the building and the Community Primary School, and started the first efforts to build the church of St. George, which reminded them of the Monastery of St. George in their old homeland!


    Labour, anxious and progressives organize Grape Cooperative, wine grapes produce a traditional art that they themselves know and accomplish in a few years to produce fine wines. They are known all over Macedonia and their wines are awarded continuously since 1933. When invading the "Phylloxera" and destroys all the vineyards, notably Macedonia, a standard operating emvoliastirio also experienced the same grafting, had experienced the problem in their old homeland, the vineyards of Eastern Rumelia.

    With their love for the vine, but also their desire to develop their land, organized since 1955 every year, the "Wine Festival Anchialos" with great success.

Today Anchialos live about 850 residents, while the viticulture and wine production and raki is the main occupation of many families. The Anchialites continue to struggle with love and passion for improving their products, prosperity and development of the site and managed to establish themselves worthy successors of a great tradition that is lost over the centuries...