The ancient ancestors had remarkable varieties of special vessels, which are used both for mixing wine, maintaining, and to cool before consumption. So we have:


  • Kylix, glass, which was used mainly in the symposia. The hosts ordered it to the potters and painters to specific performances. He was one of the products exported to other nations particularly in the Etruscans.
  • Beetle, a type of beaker with main characteristics minute foot, wide body and two handles that start at the bottom around the body, beyond the height of the lips and curved back around to them. Of the many notable variations are the beetles with a person.
  • Mastos, drinking vessel in the shape of the female breast, with one, two or no grip. It seems customary to hang on the wall.
  • Skifos or Kotili, deep vase with low or no strain, and two handles.
  • Riton or running or bust, a drinking vessel in the form of single or dual Horn, head of animal (usually ram and other animals) or even a human head attached to the bottom of the cup.
  • Bottle, a broad, shallow vessel, with or without leg. It was used for libations.