The symposia of the ancient Greeks

     These symposia
, had become an institution, acquired rules and etiquette. Were in the room of the house called "men" and their guests by relying on their left hand lying in couches. At first the servants bring water for washing hands and the banquet began with a libation to the god Dionysus, the god of wine.


    A symposium consisted of two parts, the first was "dinner or syndeipnon" in which the symposium took a short and simple dinner, followed by second part" o Potos'', who gave his name into symposium. Followed by discussions on various topics, but not missing the music, intellectual games (puzzles or riddles) and even games of skill.
    The women were not taking part ever in these concentrations except singers, the dancers or even the courtesans who entertained the guests.
     "Sumposiarxhis", oversaw both the watering of wine, and the amount to be drunk each person in the symposium, depending on the situation.
    It seems, how important the case was to avoid drunkenness and maintaining a civilized atmosphere. The conviction of intoxication is ancient, from Homer's Cyclops and drunkards formed earlier to avoid. Thus, the revelers could enjoy a meal, drink, talk. In the end they left satisfied. Furthermore, at the symposium was born the lyric poetry.
       At the beginning, the Greeks drank wine without water, "sheer wine", but later found that drinking wine is watered down, "alloy wine", they could avoid all the unpleasant effects of pure wine.
    So the general rule was that mixing wine with water in a ratio of one part wine, three parts water while drinking wine without water considered barbaric. The only perhaps time of day when the ordinary citizen of ancient unbridled drinking wine when he was diving every morning bread in wine.