The winemaking techniques we use

             The wine physico view consists of: approximately 10-15% aithiliki alcohol, ie alcohol, acid 0.3 to 0.9% (tartaric, malic, etc.), sugars from 0.2 to 11% and a rate of 1.5 - 3% consists of glycerol, trace elements, some vitamins, higher alcohols, several natural flavoring and coloring agents and many more associations.

    ΑAmong the main factors taken into account for the production of special wines, we are the choice of timing that will be the harvest. This very critical period, there are constant random checks to get the composition and consistency of the grapes and the appropriate technological point of maturity that we want. In all cases, our experience is what will ultimately lead to the harvest of precious fruit.

     The short distance from the vineyards of the winery facilities to ensure fast transfer of grapes, with less stress as possible and certainly immediate treatment.
All Winemaking equipment meets certain standards with immediate effect to produce excellent quality wine.
    By breaking the resulting grape must (grape), a liquid rich in sugars, low in aroma and flavor to a drab, which is converted by alcoholic fermentation of wine, a product rich in aroma and very important sensory characteristics of interest. "We are showing faith in nature and wise work, knowing that everything must ... is wine! The agony our focus elsewhere and lasts an entire growing season, the quality of raw material, the grapes and features! In a fine wine that is needed is already in the track of the grape "... says the grower-winemaker.

    In white vinification in stainless steel tanks and refrigerated (4-8 ° C), we apply modern techniques prozymotikis Skin contact method, creating the conditions to release the aromatic richness of each variety.
     The separation process of the marc from grape juice, made without any kind of external pressure (printing) that might adversely affect the quality of the grape, so take the best part of this, the prorogo .   The fermentation of prorogo is becaming in low temperature so the wine will come to have better organoleptic characteristics.

     In red wine the whole of the grape mass transferred directly into stainless steel tanks for fermentation alkolikis entry. The recycling of juice and skins of grapes and during this process in temperature-controlled conditions, are the key factors that give red wine its characteristics we desire.
     Once the alcoholic fermentation, the wine is poured into stainless steel storage tanks.
We produce wines white wine with intense aromas and complex nature of winemaking and wine red, full-bodied, intense, dark color and a great wealth of tasty.

     So once again the respect for nature and her work, but the use of modern methods and means of arms, lead us to a harmonious result is the creation of high quality wines.