«...Wine gladdens the heart of man»

    A timeless quote written by David in the Psalms, thousands of years ago and heard daily in the sequence of Evening,
 « ...bringing out bread from the earth, and wine gladdens the heart of man." (Psalm RG). This phrase put wine in eternity! There are other, similar, demonstrating the beneficial effects of this ancient object and separate utility for the organization.
     The truth is that the issue of the effect of wine on health has been of considerable scientific and medical community in recent years has amply demonstrated that wine, when taken in moderation protects the human body. The beneficial properties of these are even more pronounced in the Mediterranean area, where wine is combined with olive oil, lots of vegetables and legumes and low consumption of red meat.



     The fact is that a reasonable amount of wine daily is good for our tired body and helps to sustain. But we as Greek consumers, we all know the advantages of our wines and the beneficial properties of the human body? Probably not aware that flavones natural dyes are anticarcinogens, salts of potassium cause increased diuretic capacity, minerals help Define metabolism, glycerol converted to glycerophosphate compounds helps the body, Vitamin P resists the emergence of scurvy and lactic acid reduces the toxicity of alcohol in the body. Investigations conducted so far show that red wine appetite of people with chronic illnesses or psychological disorders. Unlike the sweet wines and dry white, help fight anemia.

"The french paradox"   Κρασί:a priceless friend dor the heart
Wine: ... the healthiest drink in the world, why?
In wine there are some natural substances called prokyanidines and have an important role in physical function. These substances, which belong to the group of phenolic compounds have very characteristic feature of astringency and are essentially hidden within the seeds of grapes. So during a controlled wine containing high retention of the grape marc, the prokyanidines dissolved in grape to reach many times the 1-2 grams per liter. This phase of the extraction of red wine, in which the substances are passed unchanged into the boiling grape but still only at 25 degrees Celsius. Thus, the unknown in many prokyanidines help "quietly" in our body and protect it.  


The beneficial effects of WINE
  • Reduces clumping of red blood cells (especially red) and dissolve existing aggregates of red blood cells
  • Denser bones
  • Reduce stress, improve mental state
  • Improved blood circulation to the brain, positive impact on intelligence
  • Protection of certain viruses and bacteria, improving our resistance to colds

A glass of red wine equivalent to 7 glasses of orange juice, 2 cups of tea, apples, 5 or 100 gr. onion!!