The Wine factory

    The winery is a family business which has facilities in Anchialos, just 500 meters from the vineyards. It is simple and functional, so here are carried out all stages of the production process of wine and winemaking are completed creations grower-winemaker. There glefkopoiisis space and stainless steel fermentation tanks 5 and 7 tons.

There are also stainless steel tanks for stabilization and wine-makers with integrated recycling program for red varies, refrigeration units and equipment needed for bottling.

For the white wine is not used pneumatic presses. The grape is fermented for only prorogo free-flowing stream: «...Allow nature to work in the tank with the law of gravity! We lose so heavily on the quantity of winemaking around 17%, but winning fragrances and quality. The result is not just good, but very interesting because it highlights the character in our wines a difference compared to the mass-produced wines that very often we come!»... the vintner says.


     The winery operates a small photo exhibition, with rich material of great cultural value. It includes items from the culture of the vine and of wine daily life in Anchialos of Thessaloniki, by the early 21st century, the wine and its leading position was the famous wines, highlights from the most famous Wine Festival in throughout Greece. A report will appeal to older, will inform and inspire contemporary younger with new visions...